Scope of JUHF Halal Certification

In India, word “Halal” commonly assumed as “slay an animal, meat or meat product only”. But Halal is not all about meat and meat products. Halal is a very comprehensive word includes all consumable and non-consumable items ensuring they are permissible to use under Islamic Shariah. Moreover, in our daily life, our deeds, our action, our behavior, interactions with other, relations with other is also should be Halal. A Muslim must ensure Halalness of any item before use it.

Today, as technologies got advanced, new development and new way of products is being launched, it become compulsory for each item to be Halal Certified whether it from plant source, or animal source or chemicals. There are three categories that come into production of any products and that need to be Halal Certified.

JUHF Halal Certification can obtained for the following:

  1. Food Products and Beverages
    Food products and beverages mean products made or produced for human use.
  1. Consumer Goods
    Consumer goods mean products which are not consumable.
  1. Food Premise
    Food premise means any building or any structure, permanent or otherwise for preparation, serving and sale of any food.
  1. Logistic
    Logistic means services for transportation of goods and/ or cargo chain services or warehousing and related activities or retailing related to management and handling of food, beverages, and goods.
  1. Pharmaceutical
    Pharmaceutical refers to pharmaceutical products in the form of finished dosage including prescribed and non-prescribed medicinal product for human usage (biopharmaceutical, radiopharmaceutical, traditional medicine, dietary supplement and researched medicine) that has been registered with the Drug Control Authority under the Ministry of Health, India.
  1. Cosmetic and Personal Care
    Cosmetic and personal care means material and preparations made forcontact with various outer layers of the body (epidermis, hair, nail, lips, etc.) or on teeth and mucus channel in the mouth. The sole objective is to clean, to perfume, to change appearance and/ or improve body odour and/ or protect or preserve them in good condition.
  1. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Company
    OEM Company is the manufacturer which offer manufacturing services to other companies on contract basis.
  1. Slaughter Houses
    Slaughter Houses where “Makool All-Laham” Animal (permissible animal under Islamic Shariah) get slaughtered for human consumption