Quality Policy

At JUHF CERTIFICATION PVT. LTD. our intentions and directions with regards to Quality and Impartiality, must be:

  • Committed to meet the International Standard’s requirements Like, GSO.S 2055 – 2: 2021, GSO.S 2055 – 1: 2015 and GSO.S 933: 2015, as per the scope and Categories refer to Clause No. 2.2 of the QM, I-CAS Scheme Requirements, OIC/SMIIC 2: 2019 and MS 1500:2019, including other JAKIM-MALAYSIAN standards and MUI Standards
  • Committed to Impartiality in its all activities and process.
  • Committed to Continual Improvement
    Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing applicable requirements and objectives.
  • Committee to ensure that the product, process, or service is properly offered to Muslims and that all relevant procedures are carried out to ensure that the requirements of Halal in Islamic Sharia are implemented in all its activities.

Impartiality Policy

JUHF is conscious of the fact and the need for impartiality in all its activities being a Halal compliant certification body that is required to earn the fullest confidence of all stakeholders especially its clients (the certificate holders) and the consumers who place their utmost confidence on the permissibility to use of products Halal compliance certified.

JUHF, its Board of Directors, employees and related parties confirm that they all understand the importance of impartiality and the need to avoid recognizable threats to impartiality such as potential conflict of interests, bias, partiality, unfair treatment, etc. in carrying its responsibilities and activities relating to halal certification.

JUHF shall demonstrate adherence to and maintenance of impartiality in all its activities with the implementation of procedure in place for this purpose.