1. These Terms and Conditions comprise the terms and conditions under which JUHF Certification Pvt Ltd (JUHFCPL) will grant Halal certificate and/or services. The applicant accepts these terms on behalf of the entity they represent by either: (i) physically or electronically signing the Terms; or (ii) placing an order with JUHF Certification Pvt Ltd on behalf of the Company. Upon acceptance, the Terms will remain in effect until terminated by either party. Either party may terminate the Terms at any time and for any reason by providing 30 days prior written notice to the other party.
2. By accepting this legally enforceable agreement; the APPLICANT accepts and confirms to abide by the below mentioned clauses.
3. The APPLICANT hereby confirms that the information provided to JUHF for Halal certification is valid true and correct.
4. The APPLICANT acknowledges that he/she agrees to abide and sustains full compliance at all times with the following documents relevant to the certification work scope under this agreement and stated in the Halal certification application:
b. Halal Manual Procedure
c. Relevant certification criteria (JAKIM, UAE, and MUI standards)
5. Certification requirements issued by JUHFCPL may change any time without prior notice. APPLICANT is required to frequently visit JUHFCPL website for the latest updates.
6. The APPLICANT acknowledges that he/she agrees to abide and sustains full compliance at all times with the following requirements relevant to the certification work scope under this agreement:
7. to commit to fulfill continually the requirements of JUHFCPL certification for the scope for which certification is sought or granted and to commit to provide evidence of fulfillment. This includes agreement to adapt to changes in the requirements for certification.
8. to cooperate is necessary to enable the JUHFCPL to verify fulfillment of requirements for Certification.
9. to provide access to personnel, information, documents and records as necessary for the audit and maintenance of the certification.
10. to provide access to those documents that provide insight into the products that are required for certification.
11. to arrange the onsite audit for JUHFCPL certification when requested by the JUHFCPL.
12. to claim certification only with respect to the scope for which it has been granted.
13. to commit to follow the JUHFCPL’s policy for the use of the Halal Mark/Halal logo.
14. not to use its certificate in such a manner as to bring the JUHFCPL into disrepute,
15. to inform the JUHFCPL, without delay, of significant changes relevant to its products, materials or formulation etc, in any aspect of its status or operation relating to:
a. its legal, commercial, ownership or organizational status,
b. the organization, top management and key personnel,
c. resources and premises,
d. Products and material
e. scope of certification, and
16. other such matters that may affect the ability of the APPLICANT to fulfill requirements for the certification; to pay fees as determined by the JUHFCPL,
17. to assist in the investigation and resolution of any complaints made by third-parties about the products for which JUHFCPL certificate granted.
18. The APPLICANT shall cooperate with all needed and necessary cooperation to enable JUHFCPL and their auditors to verify compliance with the certification criteria and requirements, including provision for review of documentation (including but not limited to, documents that provide insight into the products and materials sources) in addition to access to all related areas of the factory, equipment, records and personnel interviews and records for the purposes of initial audits, surveillance, recertification audit, unannounced and special or verifications visits and resolution of complaints and appeals might raise due to the certification activities.
19. APPLICANT can claim that it is certified only in respect of the services which have been certified by JUHFCPL.
20. APPLICANT shall pay the fees and charges as per the JUHFCPL fee structures in accordance with JUHFCPL,’s certification fee structure published at JUHF website www.halalhind.com, knowing that all fees are non-refundable. Unless the service is terminated by the JUHFCPL for any reason.
21. In case the APPLICANT terminated, halted or delay the certification visit for any unacceptable reason, all expenses such as but not limited to travel tickets, accommodations and certification fees of the visit shall be paid in full.
22. APPLICANT shall not use or make any statement relevant to its certification which may considered as a misleading or unauthorized and endeavor to ensure that no certificate or report, nor any Party thereof, is used in a misleading manner as per JUHFCPL certification requirements.
23. Upon suspension, withdrawal or reduction of its certification (however determined), the APPLICANT shall discontinue immediately with no delay the use of all presentations and advertising that contains any reference to that terminated scope.
24. The APPLICANT shall inform the JUHFCPL in writing of and key changes in any aspect of its Products, material, Vendor/supplier, status or operation that affects its legal, commercial or organizational status; ownership; organization or management (e.g., managerial staff/operational, technical staff, IHMT); policies or procedures, where appropriate; premises; personnel, equipment, facilities, working environment or other resources, where significant; authorized signatories; or such other matters that may affect the APPLICANTS’s capability, or scope of certified products, or compliance with the criteria, requirements and conditions for the certification;
25. The APPLICANT shall assist JUHFCPL in the investigation and resolution of complaints made by any Party about its certification related activities.
26. The APPLICANT shall accept the responsibility for the safety of JUHFCPL Auditors and officials while they are conducting audit activities related to certification. The APPLICANT shall provide all relevant safety measures or personal protective clothing or equipment and disclosing to audit team any hazards might arise due to their work.
27. The APPLICANT shall indemnify JUHFCPL and its staff audit team and visiting representatives, from and against all expenses, losses, damages and costs that JUHFCPL may sustain or incur as a result directly or indirectly of any loss or damage to any property or injury or death of any person caused by negligent act or omission or willful misconduct by the APPLICANT in connection with certification activities.
28. The APPLICANT can make an appeal in writing against any decision related to the certification made by JUHFCPL, using the appeal notice form within thirty (30) calendar days of receiving the decision. Appeals will be processed in accordance with JUHFCPL Appeals Procedure. The Appeals process flowchart is available on JUHFCPL web site.
29. The JUHFCPL, its officers, employees and assessors agree to maintain as confidential and not to use or disclose to any third Party, any information derived from the Certification process in connection with the certificationn services without the consent from the APPLICANT until otherwise is required by the law, legal authorities or required by the duly authorized law enforcement/ government authority.
30. The APPLICANT shall pay to the JUHFCPL for the certification services fees through one of the following payment methods:
• Online
• Bank Transfer/ Deposit
• Cheque: addressed to “JUHF Certification Pvt. Ltd
Taking into consideration:
• The JUHFCPL must receive the full amount as shown on the payment voucher. Any bank or transfer charges and taxes must therefore be paid by the APPLICANT making the payment – the Remitter.
• The APPLICANTS’s name and Voucher number must be mentioned in the bank transfer/ deposit.
• The application can be taken forward for review only when full fee reflected in JUHFCPL account
• A scanned copy of the transfer confirmation is to be sent through e-mail to: ac@halalhind.com / cor@halalhind.com in order to track the transfer with the Finance Department