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•This GGJHC Contains complete guideline, policies and procedures for JUHF Halal Certification for a company desiring JUHF Halal Certificate
•This GGJHC is Aapplicable for all type of entity producing Food Products and Beverages/ Consumer Goods/ Food Premise/ Logistic/ Cosmetic and Personal Care/ pharmaceutical/ OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Company slaughterhouse, and restaurant/catering service. And as per UAE Standard under below categories:

Contents of the GGJHC

• General Policies
• General Requirement as per categories
• Application for Registration
• Certification Fee
• Table Audit
• Onsite Audit
• Post Audit Evaluation
• Laboratory Analysis
• Halal Certificate Issuance
• Development of Products
• Post Certification Process
• JUHF Logo
• Amendment of Certification Data
• Issuance of Notification/Extension Letter of On Going Certification Process
• Grace Period of Halal Certification Process
• Post Certification Guarantee
• Non-Scheduled Inspection
• Category of Offence and Actions

  1. General Policies

a) JUHF Halal Certification can be requested for all products including: Food Products and Beverages/ Consumer Goods/ Food Premise/ Logistic/ Cosmetic and Personal Care/ Pharmaceutical/ OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Company, slaughterhouse, and restaurant/catering service, in the forms of raw material, intermediate product, final product, and its supporting product and all categories as per UAE standard.
b) JUHF Halal Certification process requested by a company including processing industry, slaughterhouse, restaurant, catering service, exporter and distributor.

2.SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS FOR JUHF HALAL CERTIFICATION ACCORDING TO SCHEME/CATEGORIES are mentioned in detailed in Halal Manual for JUHF Halal Certification. It shall be read together before applying.
3. Application for Registration. The Applicant shall submit: IMPORTANT NOTE: There are two scheme of JUHF Halal certification, (1.) Generic/Common as per JAKIM Standard which validity will be one year only (2.) As per UAE standard which validity will be for three years. The applicant who wishes to get JUHF certificate for UAE standard may also get generic certificate with one year validity additionally without any extra cost. (Registration fee shall be taken on yearly basis, fee structure is given at website).
a) Format A- The Applicant shall give brief info about the company in respective column give in format.
b) Format B- The applicant shall give complete information of the products; raw material, ingredients, additives, processing aids etc. Individual format shall be used for each products separately.
c) Process Flow Chart for each products separately
d) Format C- In this format applicant shall give a complete list of all raw material, ingredients, additives, processing aids etc. for all products put together.
e) Halal Supporting Documents: Applicants are recommended to choose a Halal Certified supplier of raw material/ingredient/additives etc. so that they can produce Halal Supporting documents when required by Halal Auditors
f) Affidavit on Rs. 100 stamp paper with notary
g) Certification Fee: as per fee structure given at JUHF official website and mentioned in clause no. 4. All above documents shall be submitted in both soft at ( and hard copy to JUHF office through courier or hand delivery.
Note: Failure to make full disclosures & Correct Information in above formats will result in unnecessary delay in the processing of the application
4. Certification Fee
a) Certification fee shall be paid to JUHF by cheque/dd/online payment. Full Certificate fee shall be paid in advanced. After receiving the payment, further process will be conducted on the application.
b) Certification fee is excluding of audit expenses, laboratory testing charges if require and publication if any. Applicant shall arrange flight tickets (if plant located 500KM far from Mumbai) or train/vehicle (if distance less than 500KM from Mumbai), accommodation if required, airport pick up and drop. If JUHF arrange all above, then applicant shall pay full payment when JUHF raise a debit note against expenses incur during the audit. Once the complete application (both soft and hard copy) along with certification fee received in JUHF office, an acknowledge mail will be sent to the applicant, and the documents will be Verified and forwarded to technical department for validation and verification (Table Audit).
Note: An application can be processed further only after clearance from JUHF Account department. 

5. Initial Audits: Stage-1 (Table Audit) Time frame required for application process;
a) Table Audit – will take time as follows
No. Products Range Applied for Halal   Time, (in days)
1.          1 – 20                                                      3
2.          20 – 50                                                     5
3.          50 – 100                                                  7
4.          100 – 400                                               10
5.          above 400                                             15
For onsite audit time, Refer Table -1: (On Site Audit time as per categories)
b) After the Table Audit completion, a mail will be sent to the applicant regarding finding/requirements of the Table audit. The applicant may submit table audit requirements before the Onsite Audit or may furnish at the time of Onsite Audit. In the same mail, a proposed Onsite Audit date will be given to the applicant for confirmation. Onsite Audit date will be given to the applicant as per availability. The applicant may confirm the date as per their availability and online production running schedule.
Note: In some cases Stage-1 Audit shall also be conducted at premise.
c) After the date confirmation, applicant will received one more mail regarding audit arrangements; like tickets/stay etc. as mentioned in clause no. 4.b). Once the audit date gets confirmed by either side or arrangement has been made, JUHF will send an audit agenda, Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and audit check list to the applicant by mail.
6. Initial Audit: Stage-2 (Onsite Audit): (This audit shall be conducted by two competent Halal Auditors. One auditor will check documents; like purchase record of previous three months, COA, and other related documents and second one will check implementation of documented records into premise and online products etc.)
7. Post Audit Evaluation (After Stage-2 Audit)
a) The evaluation of audit reports shall be done by Technical Expert Committee, Islamic Affairs Experts Committee and Certification Panel
b) If any non-conformity found in their observation, a mail will be sent to the applicant for corrective action.
8. Laboratory Analysis
a) JUHF shall conduct the assessment of the content of pork and its derivatives in meat products, meat processed products, and certain products of risk category when necessary.
b) The assessment of alcohol content in certain products is also conducted when necessary.

c) The samples can be taken from the production site or market.
d) If the analysis shows positive results, JUHF will conduct an extended comparative analysis
9. Halal Certificate Issuance
a) JUHF Halal certificate will be issued after the product is stated as Halal by Technical Expert Committee and Islamic Affairs Expert Committee And Certification Panel
b) JUHF Halal certificate will be signed by the General Secretary
c) JUHF Halal Certificate has validity only for one year other than UAE exporter. For UAE Exporter Certificate Validity will be for Three Years.
d) On JUHF Halal Certificate, Registration number. Certificate number, name and address of company, name and address of plant, Products Category, detailed product names if number of products less than 10 otherwise an appendix will be issued, and period of certificate will be mentioned.
e) If the applicant is an exporter/trader/distributer then JUHF Halal Certificate will be granted only for registration and a note statement such as “This certificate is valid only for registration, not for consignment” will be mentioned and the applicant shall be abided to obtain shipment certificate every time when they will decide to export the products* detailed is mentioned in Manual Procedure for JUHF Halal Certification
10. Post Certificate Issuance Process as UAE Standard:
1. Surveillance Audit -1, this audit will be conducted after completion of one year by JUHF assigned auditors, this audit may be conducted for a specific category or for all categories as per Technical Committee decision
2. Surveillance Audit -2, this audit will be conducted after completion of second year, this audit shall be conducted for all (maybe) categories or any specific category
3. Recertification: After completion of three years an applicant requires to apply for recertification, for recertification applicant needs to submit all the documents again and again Initial Audits; Stage-1 and stage-2 will be conducted then again if all process found as per UAE standard then Certificate for further three years will be granted to the applicant.
4. The application shall be submitted three months before the expiry of certificate.
5. A certificate holder can only renew its certificate within three months after expiration of the certificate. After completion of three months, certificate will be terminated.
6. The Certificate holder will receive renewal notification/reminder from JUHF when the certificate validity remains three months and notification/reminder will continue till completion of three months after expiration of the certificate.
7. JUHF has right to announce to public if a certificate holder could not renew the certificate within three months of the expiration.
11. Renewal of Halal Certificate for one year certificate holder.

a) The company which is going to renew its Halal certificate shall submit application as mentioned in Clause. 4. Application for Registration. The application shall be submitted two months before the expiry of certificate.
b) A certificate holder can only renew its certificate within three months after expiration of the certificate. After completion of three months, certificate will be terminated and company has to apply re-certification (if they are willing to continue JUHF association).
c) The Certificate holder will receive renewal notification/reminder from JUHF when the certificate validity remains two months and notification/reminder will continue till completion of three months after expiration of the certificate.
d) JUHF has right to announce to public if a certificate holder could not renew the certificate within three months of the expiration.
e) Product list shall be revised at renewal time, if any existing product has no any evidence for commercial production throughout the previous term of certification, such product shall be removed from the Halal List.
f) New Products shall be added only if; company furnishes proper application and documentation for them and the product has evidence of commercial products.
g) Under R&D products shall not added in Halal list at any time.

12. Development of New Products
a) JUHF will issue additional Halal Certificate Appendices for the development new product done by a company possessing JUHF Halal certificate.
b) This development may cover the following activities:
(i) Development of products to be certified (new products, reformulated products, renamed products)
➢ Format B-Product Info has to be submitted to JUHF office soft and hard copy both
➢ Process flow chart
➢ COA –certificate of Analysis of any current batch/or trial production’s COA
➢ On site audit shall be required before inclusion of the required product in Halal list, communication will be made after receiving the application.
➢ The audit charges (Travelling expenses from Mumbai to site to and fro) will be borne by the concern company.
➢ Add on will attract charges as per number of the products, fee chart given at our website.
➢ The concern company must submit the documents required by the Halal technical expert during table audit & site audit.
13. JUHF Logo
a) A Certificate holder can make JUHF logo printed on their product packaging material after getting written permission from JUHF.
b) For restaurants, JUHF logo can be put in their outlets.

c) For catering services, JUHF logo can be printed in serving pack and media of promotion.
d) The inclusion of Halal logo in retail products shall require proper written permission from JUHF
14. Amendment of Certification Data
a)If any amendment/change occurs in raw materials, ingredients products, facilities, or formulation, and an addition or reduction of products or material, the certificate holder shall inform JUHF in writing for approval. This is responsibility will be done by IHMT as mentioned in HAS
15. Issuance of Notification Letter/Extension Letter of On-Going Certification Process
A) Notification Letter/extension letter will be issued to the applicant based on a request from them.
B) For new registration, Notification Letter can be issued after the audit process is done.
C) A Notification Letter will be valid for three months only and could not be renewed.
D) Extension letter can be issued to the existing client only after the submission of the renewal application and renewal fee
E) An extension letter could be extended for the period of three months only.
16. Grace Period of Halal Certification Process (After Onsite Audit completion)
a) A Company shall have a period of three (3) months (since onsite audit done) for the submission of the requirements/findings/corrective action (in case of NC found during onsite audit). If the company fails to response within the periods of three months, the company shall be considered as unable to meet the criteria of Halal certification and JUHF can therefore, terminate the process. The certification process can be resumed if the company does the re-registration
b) Technical Department and Shariah Committee decision in this regard
shall be final and shall be followed.
17. Post Certification Guarantee
a) The Certificate Holder shall submit quarterly Internal Halal Management Team (IHMT) audit report of HAS implementation.
b) If the certificate holder needs to use new materials/ingredients, or make any change, then a prior written permission and approval shall be required from JUHF.
c) New materials can only be used after the approval from JUHF.
d) All approved materials should be reevaluated at the time of recertification process.
18. Non-Scheduled Inspection
A) JUHF can conduct a non-scheduled inspection to companies holding Halal certificates.
B) Non-scheduled inspection will be conducted with or without prior notice to the company
C) If any inappropriateness found in result of the inspection, a follow up action will be taken in accordance with JUHF stipulations.

19. The Criteria for a Non-Scheduled Inspection:
a) For a company with high risk products
b) For A company with low risk products based on report from auditors or information from consumer.
20. Appeals and Complaints: An applicant has full right to challenge any decision of JUHF. JUHF has developed Appeal and Complains provisions for the applicant and third party to file the appeal and complaint to the Appeals and Complaints Committee. For further info please check our website
21. Category of Offence and Actions
The client’s certified management system has persistently or seriously failed to meet certification requirements, including requirements for the effectiveness of Halal Standard The certified client does not allow surveillance, Special or recertification audits to be conducted at the required frequencies; The certified client has voluntarily requested a suspension. In case of offence as described in below can lead a certified client to the actions mentioned below;
Minor Offence
1. Technical offence which can be given warning by the Inspection Officer for the corrective action:
a. Premise cleanliness;
b. Equipment cleanliness;
c. Workers hygiene;
d. Environmental cleanliness;
e. Pest control;
f. Other offences related to hygiene and sanitation;
g. Food handler who does not have anti-Typhoid vaccination;
h. Failed to produce documents requested by the inspection officer; and
i. Changes and additions of raw material manufacturers which has Halal
certification. Manufacturers continue production without informing in writing to JUHF.
2. Action:
a. A copy of the Halal Certification Monitoring Notice will be issued.
b. Warning for immediate remedial action or within 14 days or any duration deems relevant;
b. Inspection officer conducts follow-up inspection after the due date (if necessary). If the company failed to do the corrective action within the stipulated time,
b. Notice of JUHF Halal Certificate will be issued and the Halal certificate will be suspended; and
a. The status of the suspended Halal certificate will be determined by the Halal Certification Panel.
1.1.1 Major Offence

Technical offence which can lead to suspension of the Halal Certificate by the inspection officer and need to be presented to the Halal Certification Panel for the final decision.
a. Changed / additional supplier/ producer which does not obtain Halal certification from JUHF.
b. Changed / additional supplier/ producer which does not obtain Halal certification from JUHF / JUHF recognized Halal certification body overseas;
c. Using Halal Logo on products which are not certified/not permitted;
d. Forged Halal certificate or misuse of Halal Logo;
e. Lend or give the original Halal certificate to other company or premise;
f. Alter the information on the Halal Certificate;
g. Change or add to the ingredients which have been declared in the application form without written consent from JUHF;
h. None or not enough Muslim worker in the processing area / kitchen as required in the procedure;
i. Use and display of expired Halal certificate;
j. Tools / elements of religious worship are placed in the processing area / kitchen;
k. Does not comply to any related Halal standard; and
l. Failed to comply with corrective action for minor offence.
ii. Action:
a. JUHF Halal Certificate shall be suspended;
b. JUHF Halal Certification Monitoring, JUHF Halal Certification Non Conformance Notice and Notice of Halal Certificate will be issued to the company;
c. Report on suspension will be presented to the Halal Certification Panel for final decision whether:
o Re-inspection is required; or
o The Halal certificate will be returned; or
o The Halal certificate will be revoked.
d. If a company failed to comply to corrective action by the Halal Certification Panel, the Halal certificate will be revoked; and
e. JUHF will display companies with suspended Halal certificate on its official website and same can be informed to the overseas counterpart Halal Certification Bodies. Details mentioned in MOA.
1.1.2 Serious Offence

1. Offences which involves Shariah and Technical matters which lead to revocation of the JUHF Halal Certificate by the inspection officer and need to be presented to the Halal Certification Panel for the final decision.
2. Shariah offences are offences involving Shariah laws as follows:
a. Confirmation of Haram status by JUHF or other Islamic authority agencies on product / ingredient / equipment and other miscellaneous;
b. Using Haram material after receiving Halal Certificate;
c. Mixing / storage of Halal and Haram material together;
d. Storage of Halal product with Haram product;
e. Equipments used are interchangeable between Halal and Haram;
f. Processing of improper slaughtered or improper dead animal; and
g. Use of stunner which may cause death of animal or hayat mashboh doubtful.
3. Technical offence is an offence which does not involve Islamic laws, as follows:

Relocation of premise / factory without informing JUHF
b. Change of management and name of company without informing JUHF
c. Unauthorized slaughter men and the Halal checker;
d. Stunning for animals is not in accordance with the requirement of the standard;
e. The stunner is controlled by a Non-Muslim worker;
f. Bringing in Haram material into the premise or company which holds Halal Certificate; and
g. Using prohibited material which are in forced under the Food Act and related laws.
3. Action
a. The Halal certificate shall be revoked immediately;
b. Notices on monitoring and revocation of Halal certificate will be issued to the company;
c. Report on revocation of Halal certificate will be presented to the Halal
Certification Panel for the final decision;
d. JUHF will display the companies which have their certificates revoked on its official website and same will be circulated to all overseas Halal Certification Bodies, details mentioned in MOA
e. In the case of any outlet having its Halal certificate being revoked due to serious offence, Halal certificates from all other outlets shall also be  revoked.

Process Flow Chart



General Procedure – Halal Committee, Jamiat Ulama – E – Maharashtra, India.

Halal Committee
Jamiat Ulama e Maharashtra “Jamiat Halal Welfare Society “
Registered under “The Bombay Public Trust Act 1950” No F-42109