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Information about the company


Name of Company:
Office Details:Address:

Phone No.:            Fax No.:            Email ID:

Factory/Plant Details:Address:

Phone No.:            Fax No.:            Email ID:

Organizational Structure:Ltd.[   ]   Pvt. Ltd.[   ]   Partnership[   ]   Ownership[   ]   Other[   ]
GST Details:GST No. of  State of Recipient of  Service:

State Code of Recipient of Service:

Email ID Registered in GST portal:

Web Site:
Details of key person

CMD / MD / GM / Owner / Proprietor



Details of Person to be Contacted regarding HALAL concern:Name:                                                Position:

Phone No.:                    Cell No.:         Email ID:

Product Nature:Organic[   ]   Inorganic[   ]   Synthetic[   ]   Natural[   ]   Others[   ]
Product Brand:
Plant certification or particular product certification ( Please Specify) 


HACCP / ISO (If) Certificate No. & Date of Issue & Source:
Whether some other Plant (Same Product):
If yes, details::
Contact person & contact details:
Expected date (Period) of HALAL inspection:


Date: ___/___/_____.


Details of Signing Authority:


Designation:                                                 ________________             __________________

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